Burn it OFF

Warm up:

-5 minutes cardio of your choice

-5 forward/backward/sideways bear crawls

-5 forward/lateral/reverse lunges

-5 Thoracic rotation rockbacks

Set 1: 3 rounds, 30 seconds each, AMRAP

- pull-ups (assisted or raw)

- KB swings

- burpees

Set 2: 3 rounds, 30 seconds, AMRAP

-lunges holding 2 dumbbells OR bar overhead

- box jumps

- wall balls

Set 3: FOR TIME: 5 minutes to complete!!

-15 burpees

-15 box jumps

-15 sit ups

-15 V-ups

Cool down/stretch

-Foam roll thoracic extensions/ITB's/quads/glutes 5-10x each

-Prone press ups 5x5 seconds

-Child's pose 3 way, 10 second hold each

-Kneeling hip flexor stretch 20 second holds each

-Downward dog pedal out calf stretch 10x each

-Wide stance hamstring stretch 20 seconds. 

Shoulder Day

Warm up:

-Rower x 5 minutes

-5 down dogs into up dogs

-5 Prone serratus press ups 3 second holds 

-5 Bear crawls forward/backward/sideways

-5 thoracic rock backs each side

Set 1: Strength, build up to 90% 1RM, 10 minutes

-Strict shoulder press w/ bar OR dumbbells.

-Start w/ light weight 5 reps.

-Increase weight 2.5-5 lbs. each side, perform another 5 reps, rest 1 min.

-Add another 2.5-5 lbs. each side, perform 2-3 reps. Rest 2 min.

-Add another 2.5-5 lbs, perform 1-2 reps. If unable, return to previous step and perform another 2-3 reps.

Set 2: AMRAP (As many rounds as possible), moderate weight, 20 minutes.

-10 Devil presses

-10 Dumbbell lateral raises

-10 Arnold presses

-10 Posterior delt raises

Set 3: Core Burner, 30 seconds each., total of 5 minutes.

-Mountain climbers

-Side plank dips

-Flutter kicks

-Toes to bar OR hanging leg raises

-Hanging knee raise twist



-Side V-ups



Cool down/stretch/WATER!!

Leg Day

Warm up:

-jog/bike x 5'

-90/90 hip rocks X 5

-Banded squat w/ arms overhead (or perform up against a wall if you don't have a band/squat rack) X 5

-Split stance adductor stretch X 5 each side

-Forward/reverse/lateral lunge each side X 5 (no weight, just for stretch).

Set 1: Squat strength, build up to 3RM (rep max), 20 minutes. Use bar OR KB at chest.

-Light weight X 10 squats

-Add 5-10 lbs. each side/increase KB, perform 5-6 reps. Rest 1 min.

-Add 5-10 lbs, perform 3-5 reps. Rest 2 min.

-Add 5 lbs, perform 3 reps.

Set 2: Moderate weight, 3 Rounds each, 15 minutes.

-8 bulgarian split squats

-8 reverse lunges

-8 lateral lunges

Set 3: Light-moderate weight, 3 rounds, 10 minutes.

-8 Single leg deadlifts

-8 Lateral step ups 18/24" box

-8 Single leg bridge w/ weight resting across pelvis.

Ending: 30 seconds each, 2 rounds, 5 minutes total.

-Jump rope

-Jump squats

-Skater hops

-Lunge hop switches

-Push ups

Cool down:

-FOAM ROLL legs all over

-Kneeling hip flexor stretch

-Pigeon pose

-Long sit and straddle hamstring/adductor stretch.

-Downward dog pedal out calf stretch OR standing calf stretch. 

Back/Bi DAY

Warm up:

-Jog x 1 mile (or walk)

-10 down dogs into up dogs

-10 thoracic rockbacks total ( 5 each side)

-10 Serratus press ups

Set 1: Power Clean & Press, moderate weight. (Use bar, KB, or Dumbbells). 20 minutes.

-5 x 5, 50-75% 1RM. 

-3 x 3, 75-85% 1RM

Set 2: AMRAP (as many reps as possible), 60 seconds each. 4 rounds. moderate weight

-Pull-ups (assisted or strict)

-American KB swings

-Kanga Squat OR TRX squat into standing row

-TRX "W" rows

Set 3: AMRAP, 30 seconds each, 3 Rounds, moderate weight

-DB Bicep curls 3 way

-Renegade rows

-T's w/ band during wall sit

CORE/CARDIO: 30 seconds ea

-High knees

-Plank knee to elbow

-Starfish crunch

-Plank jacks

-Seated ab circles LEFT

-Seated ab circles RIGHT


-Foam roll arch over

-Foam rollout latts

-Child's pose 3 way

-Spinal twist

-Cross body stretch


At home or gym quick and dirty back/bi workout with bands. 

-5 rounds AMRAP (As many reps as possible) in 30 seconds.

1. Pull ups (raw or assisted)

2. Squat into upright row

3. Band X's

4. Band Face pulls